DISCLAIMER: We have reached our limit for the one on one program! We may do it again before the end of the year, so if you sign up you will be on our waiting list and we will contact you first!

public adjuster course

Skyrocket Your Public Adjuster Career With This Unique Mentorship Opportunity!

This ONE on ONE course will cover all of the important topics you need to upgrade your public adjuster career, handle claims from A to Z, and use all of the channels to find new clients – WITHOUT working yourself to death.

How does this program work?

This unique and specialized program is based on 12+ years of hand’s on public adjusting experience! It’s designed to help you understand the systematic knowledge of handling claims and a proven strategy of controlling the entire claims process, while receiving a steady flow of referrals on a daily basis!


The consultation is organized into three main parts: 

✅ Webinar on STEROIDS 

    • 2h of How to Grow your PA Business to the next level
    • 2h of Life of a Claim and how to control the entire claims process!
    • 1h to go over all of your questions and help you with your claims!

✅ A WHOLE DAY SHADOWING – you will spend the whole day with me on the field, where you can watch my workflow, ask all of your questions, and discuss our businesses.

✅ Access to the closed Facebook group, where you can ask all of the questions and get all of the help you need with your claims! 


🚀 You will get the Public Adjuster Handbook for the course and a whole recording of our webinar, so you can watch it as many times as you need!

👉 The first consultation course starts on the 1st of August. Save your spot as only 10 public adjusters will have this fortune. 

Why 1 on 1 consultation course?

With full responsibility, I can say that 1 on 1 consultation is the best possible way for you to skyrocket your career.


After helping many PA’s in the industry, I found it as the best practice to learning is when a lecturer is focused on one person and not the whole group. Plus, other offline courses are intensive and long, so it’s hard to follow them and focus all of the time.

So what is the difference here?

I will share with you one truth: 85% of regular courses attendees do not ask the questions they want to ask, sometimes they forget, and sometimes they are ashamed to ask ‘stupid’ questions in front of others. 

The other 15% who ask a question, don’t want to ask 10 more which come to their mind, because they don’t want to bother others. 

Keep in mind – after the consultation, you will have access to the closed Facebook group where you can ask an UNLIMITED number of questions and to get an answer to all of them, without guilt that you are taking someone’s time or bother others.

public adjuster course vince perri

For who is this opportunity for?


It’s for everybody who wants to understand the potentials of public adjusting and master the small secrets of our industry. 👌 

👉 If you are working as a public adjuster and you want to upgrade your career WITHOUT spending tons of money on advertising and marketing.

👉 If you just got your license and you are ready to dive into adjusting, WITHOUT concern how you’ll manage the claim and get the best for your client… and for yourself.

👉 If you are not yet a public adjuster, but you want to become one, this program will give you the right perspective on what you can expect, WITHOUT misconception about our work, so you could wisely choose your career!

For who is this course NOT?

It’s really important to me that you read this.

📣 It’s NOT for you if you think that our knowledge will just by miracle get into your head. I want to warn you at the beginning that you need to learn it by yourself, to test and try everything you learn during this consultation course. Otherwise, THIS COURSE MAKES NO SENSE!

📣 It’s NOT for you if you look at this as an expense and not as an investment. 

📣 It’s NOT for you if you expect to learn some trick that will magically lead you to the million-dollar claims. People who chase tricks and immediate results do not achieve results in the long run and I would like such people not to attend this program.

public adjuster training

What you going to learn on this course? 😎

  • How to grow your referrals
  • How to build relationships with professionals in the industry
  • Marketing and Social Media for PAs
  • How to physically start your own firm
  • How to hire the best Apprentices 
  • Tips on signing the claim
  • How to do a proper inspection
  • Proper Way To Review an Insurance Policy
  • Tips on scoping a loss
  • How to properly gather the evidence!!!
  • How to take control of the claim!
  • Tips on Coverage Determination and/or Undisputed Payment
  • My workflow from A-Z
  • You will get all of my email and contract templates
  • You will get the checklists for each step in the process
  • Miscellaneous Things To Be Aware Of

On the shadowing day, you will see my on-site workflow, my documentation, my emails, and everything I do to get the claim paid!

Who am I and why should you learn from me?

public adjuster travel

I’m Vince, a Public Adjuster, Business owner, Educator, and a proud Husband!

After 12+ years of real-life experience, this job has enabled me to have my voice heard and share my experience with others.

It allowed me to create the Commercial Claims Advocate where I can share with others, step-by-step courses that will help you get to where I am today.

My vision is for this place to become the Ultimate Learning HUB for everyone in the insurance claims industry! And together we will do it!

Price for the WHOLE course



Payment over Venmo or PayPal

One more time, what you got for this price:

  • Webinar on steroids –  VALUE $500
  • Booklet – VALUE $200
  • Shadowing one whole day –  VALUE $950
  • 3 months of constant support over the closed Facebook group VALUE $950

TOTAL VALUE  OF THE COURSE IS $2600, but if you test and apply everything you will learn here, this course is simply PRICELESS – for only $999!


Frequently asked questions

Is this course for beginners only?

This course is not only for beginners at all. The luxury of working 1 on 1 is that the consultation will be according to your needs. After we go true some claims tactics and growing your business guidance, we will jump into more advanced techniques and solving your real-life problems. 

What if I’m busy on a shadowing day?

It’s no problem at all. We will organize the first next available date that fits for you.

What if this course is not for me?

If after the webinar you realize that this consultation is not for you, we will refund the entire amount you paid by then.

What if I’m not using PayPal or Venmo?

No worries, we will find the most convenient and secure way for your payment!

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