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Nobody thinks about the damage until it happens. Nobody.


The key to getting through any issue is being prepared. Natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and fire can happen at any time.


Property owners often find out that insurance doesn’t want to cover the damage. Not even a part of it, even if you thought you were covered. Some losses are denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions


For commercial property owners, business interruption following an extreme weather event can be costly. It may lead to bankruptcy if insurance settlements are prolonged through litigation around coverage disputes.

If you are a business-savvy and forward-thinking commercial property owner, there is one thing you can do to protect yourself and prevent your losses:

It’s called Pre-loss risk assessment! And you know what? It’s FREE!

pre loss risk assessment

In short, it includes property policy review, a pre-loss inspection of the property, compiling and safely storing records the insurance company will ask for.

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If you want to find out more just keep reading or contact me. I’ll explain to you how to prepare yourself for those uncertain events and why pre-loss assessment is a WIN-WIN situation for both sides! 

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Who are we?

Two experienced and licensed companies (Restoration and Public Adjuster) with great teams of experts teamed up in purpose to serve property owners alike. 


Throughout the years, we have helped many homeowners and business owners put their lives back together after suffering catastrophic losses to their homes and buildings.

JD Restorations

pre loss risk assessment

With IICRC certifications in ☑ water, ☑ fire, ☑ odor control, ☑ trauma and crime scene, as well as licenses in ☑ mold assessment and ☑ remediation with the State of Florida, JD Restorations are held to uphold the very standard that protects your property when sudden damages occur. Their experienced team will know how to properly inspect your properties and to know where the damage can happen.

Elite Resolutions

elite resolutions public adjusters

Elite Resolutions is a company owned by Vince Perri – Commercial Claims Advocate. Vince has over 13+ years of experience in handling claims. He also has the largest public adjuster community on YouTube that comes to Vince for guidance and advice! He mentors and educates public adjusters across the country, all while specializing in large residential and commercial insurance claims – in Florida, Texas, and California.


He and his team will make sure that all of the documentation is right and well prepared in case the damage occurs.

Based on the everyday battles and past issues we have dealt with negotiating with property insurance companies, we feel safe in saying that:

The Pre-Loss assessment is the most important thing you can do that will bring back your life and business back together when damage occurs.

What are the benefits of Pre-Loss assessment?

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The steps you take before the claim may be the most important factors in getting future claims quickly processed and fairly settled.

Pre-loss assessment will establish the baseline of your building conditions, inventory records, provide a risk analysis, and assist you in a post-loss environment!

pre loss

Pre-loss planning coupled with inventorying, record retention of key documents and pre-loss inspection of the covered property is in our view. It is a very important and critical step which may assist you with quicker advance payments and in general help to expedite the claim adjusting process.

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With our licensed and certified team you are never alone. We give you the personal and primary attention no matter what’s going on. If damage occurs, our emergency team will be on the spot ASAP.

pre loss risk

With our team of experts, we will inspect your property and review your insurance policy to make sure everything will go smoothly in the event of a loss.

The Best Protection is Prevention!

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