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In this free eBook (you can download right now) you will learn all things I would love that somebody told me 14 years ago when I was starting out.

How do we even decide which career to choose? What is the definition of success for you? 



For me, the definition of success was being able to 

  • become my own boss
  • become the master of my own time
  • achieve my financial goals! 
  • have time for family and friends
  • And last but definitely not least: help as many people as I can while I’m doing my best work!



I’ve achieved that through being an insurance claims professional! The best possible career I’ve found out there. 



Who am I?

I’m Vince, a Public Adjuster, Business owner, Educator and a proud Husband!

After 14+ years of real-life experience, this job has enabled me to have my voice heard and share my experience with you.



To become an insurance claims professional:


  • You don’t need a degree to switch to this career (only to pass the exam)
  • You don’t need previous experience (but it’s beneficial to start if you are coming from a construction or restoration background)
  • Age doesn’t matter in this career. In my company and on our courses we have really young adjusters as well ones who are retired in other careers
  • You can work part-time until you learn the whole process and be able to work full time!
  • You just need to use the opportunity which this growing “recession-proof” industry is giving to you.



In this free eBook (you should download right now), you will learn all of the things I would love that somebody told me 14 years ago when I was starting out:


  • Some of the most common mistakes public adjusters make 
  • The potential earnings career in public adjusting can bring
  • Public adjuster vs. independent adjuster: Which is more suitable for you?
  • What you must know when beginning your public Adjuster career?
  • Essential steps to becoming a public adjuster



It’s extremely important to emphasize that becoming your own boss is not an easy journey



There will be many obstacles on the road to success. However, learning about them early on will help you tremendously!



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