Learn How to Successfully Handle a $2 Million Water Damage Claim – Public Adjuster Training

Almost every public adjuster out there hopes to land a large commercial loss. But with more money comes more work. Could you handle 63 units ...
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[VIDEO] Hurricane Ian Update! What to Expect and How to Grow Your PA Business – Public Adjuster Training

On the one hand, Hurricane Ian's aftermath has shown to be too much for many public adjusters. To an outsider, it looks like business is ...
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How to Deal With the Desk Adjuster and Set Up Your Claims Process - Public Adjuster Training

[VIDEO] How to Deal With the Desk Adjuster and Set Up Your Claims Process – Public Adjuster Training

How do you deal with the desk adjuster? And how do you set up your claim process for success right from the get-go? You might ...
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[VIDEO] 5 Numbers You Should Track to Grow Your Public Adjusting Business – Public Adjuster Basics

In this week’s episode of the business building series, you will learn about the numbers you should track to grow your public-adjusting business. Once you ...
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[VIDEO] Hire the Right People to Grow Your Public Adjusting Firm – Public Adjuster Basics

Are you one of those one-man-army public adjusters and want to take your firm to the next level? Let me tell you. You can’t do ...
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