Black Diamond Housing Services

#1 choice when temporary housing is necessary for your clients.

Relocating a displaced family from their home means more than just finding a temporary place to stay. It involves immediate and personalized attention upon the initial notice of property loss to find a suitable and customized temporary home. Black Diamond’s team of experts quickly step into action to locate and secure the best possible housing solution for homeowners in need.

black diamond housing

They provide all of the necessary money that needed as needed to be done for the homeowner to go and move to another place whether there’d be a hotel or another home or whatever it is they bill through their insurance policies lost abuse coverage and they provide financial assistance so that the insured never has to incur any out-of-pocket expenses.


Whether you’re a public adjuster contractor or an attorney, if you have a client that has suffered any kind of catastrophic loss whether that be by fire or storm or just any catastrophic loss that requires your client to have to move out and incur and loss of use coverage you need to think about looking at Black Diamond Services.


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