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You’ve come to the right place. Commercial Claims Advocate is the place for powerful Insurance claims training and public adjuster growth strategies!
Vince Perri - Pubic Adjuster Course

What Commercial Claims Advocate is all about

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find actionable claims advice that gets results?”, you’re in the right place. Commercial Claims Advocate is a place where public adjusters turn for proven claims and business growth advice.

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How Commercial Claims Advocate Helps You With Your Insurance Claims Career

Vince Perri Public Adjuster, Insurance Adjuster

We want to help you how to:

  • Handle the claims from A-Z, with all insider tips
  • Handle all of the people in the industry and improve your communication skills
  • GROW your business in this recession-proof insurance claims industry
  • React wisely and avoid any obstacles you might encounter

You wanna grow? Great!  We’ve got free resources to help you get started. Webinars, Podcasts, Vlogs, and of course our Blog!

I promise you, no magic tricks, just insanely actionable advice that works!

Commercial Claims Advocate Public Adjuster Training

John Mulholland - Precision Claims

“Vince has been an incredible resource of advice and mentorship for me as I moved into the profession of Public Adjusting. As someone who has years of experience in the industry he’s given me some great tips on how to navigate complex claims.”
Commercial Claims Advocate Public Adjuster Training

Randolph Love lll - Randolph Love Consulting

“From the moment I first became aware of Vince, he’s been very responsive, and helpful. Whether it was an important question about a current claim, or just sound boarding ideas, his insight was always on point, and relevant; and still is.”
Commercial Claims Advocate Public Adjuster Training

Jesse Tabango - Guardian Adjusting Services

“Mr. Perri you were a pleasure to speak with. Honestly, toward the beginning my blood was pumping pretty quickly while speaking with you! But, you’re very much an easy guy to speak with. Thank you for listening to my concerns and providing clarity. Your experiences make me feel more confident in the career path I walk. “

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About Vince Perri

Vince Perri Public Adjuster, Insurance Adjuster

I’m Vince, a Public Adjuster, Business owner, Educator and a proud Husband!

After 12+ years of real-life experience, this job has enabled me to have my voice heard and share my experience with others.

It allowed me to create the Commercial Claims Advocate where I can share with others step-by-step courses that will help you get to where I am today.

My vision is for this place to become the Ultimate Learning HUB for everyone in the insurance claims industry! And together we will do it!

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Jamela Gabo

Jamela Sheen Gabo is from the Philippines and works as an Associate/Publishing Manager at CCA. She is taking a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting at the University of Cebu. At work, Jamela takes care of lots of different tasks like managing social media, keeping track of important meetings, and making sure videos and podcasts get published on time.

Her all-time favorite drink is matcha-flavored! She loves watching sci-fi and romantic dramas, listens to all kinds of music, and is always up for an adventure. Jamela is very determined and dreams of traveling the world someday. Her family, especially her little brother, means the world to her.

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